disk-shaped disk-shaped


  • (adj) having a flat circular shape


  1. Named for Gerard Kuiper, who predicted its existence in the 1950s, it is a vast, disk-shaped cloud of thousands of icy bodies that starts near Neptune and reaches to about 4.
  2. The flyers reported that the object looked globular rather than disk-shaped.
  3. Though relatively few earthlings are aware of it, they are embedded in a huge, disk-shaped spiral galaxy.


  • Cochlear implant with no exterior hardware can be wirelessly recharged

    Cochlear implants -- medical devices that electrically stimulate the auditory nerve -- have granted at least limited hearing to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who otherwise would be totally deaf. Existing versions of the device, however, require that a disk-shaped transmitter about an inch in diameter be affixed to the skull, with a wire snaking down to a joint microphone and power ...
    on February 10, 2014     Source: Science Daily

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