discourteous discourteous


  1. (adj) showing no courtesy; rude
  2. (adj) lacking social graces


  1. Meles: As a person, I have never been discourteous or nasty to anybody.
  2. Il Duce Benito Mussolini has never been one to bow to mass opinion, nor is he above giving the retort discourteous to those who dare criticize his actions.
  3. Aspirants speak seriatim the same night in the same place, a method obviously conducive to personalities and retorts discourteous.


  • Courtesy lessons for police: %$#! no

    By Eric Heyl, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Courtesy never has proven to be an effective crime deterrent. Perhaps that’s because most crimes, by their very nature, are discourteous acts, illegal breaches of ...
    on July 26, 2013     Source: The Mckeesport Daily News


  1. The Prime Minister said: "I had been intending to dismiss him (Mr Watson) but wanted to extend to him the courtesy of speaking to him first. But to sign a round robin letter which was then leaked to the press was disloyal, discourteous and wrong."
    on Sep 6, 2006 By: Tony Blair Source: 4ni.co.uk

  2. "The guy wouldn't talk to me during the game, and I can't understand that - I wasn't being discourteous," Brown said. "Well, maybe I was at the end, and I suppose I'll hear about that."
    on Dec 22, 2004 By: Larry Brown Source: USA Today

  3. "It looks like evasion rather than information and it's a discourteous response to the committee," Pocan said.
    on Sep 30, 2009 By: Mark Pocan Source: Chicago Tribune

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