discontinuous discontinuous


  1. (adj) of a function or curve; possessing one or more discontinuities
  2. (adj) not continuing without interruption in time or space



  1. Quantum theory describes the universe as intrinsically discontinuous: energy, for example, can come in bits just so small, but no smaller.
  2. On extremely fine scales, space-time, and thus reality itself, becomes grainy and discontinuous, like a badly overmagnified newspaper photograph.
  3. This discontinuous series of new selves, emotionally different selves, scatters the mind.


  • New Advances in Aerospace Design, Predictive Analysis for Discontinuous Fiber Composites

    Greene, Tweed completes first phase of material allowables testing and finite analysis model development for accurate predictive design analysis with its Xycomp® DLF® (discontinuous long fiber) thermoplastic composite aerospace products. (PRWeb June 18, 2013) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/6/prweb10822426.htm
    on June 18, 2013     Source: PRWeb


  1. "It will eventually fail and a disturbing reality will be laid bare, prompting an unexpected and sharp discontinuous response," Greenspan said.
    on Mar 17, 2008 By: Alan Greenspan Source: Reuters

  2. "Quite simply, our experiment rules out both discontinuous-location models," Block says. "Neither the inchworm nor the scrunching model is consistent with our data, and the idea that some have held all along--that RNAP climbs the DNA ladder...
    on Nov 13, 2005 By: Steven M Block Source: EurekAlert (press release)

  3. "In a world that is seeing more and more rapid and discontinuous change, there are surely many surprises and 'unknown unknowns' ahead," said Mr Lee, borrowing the phrase made famous by former United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
    on Jun 24, 2007 By: Lee Hsien Loong Source: TODAYonline

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