diocesan diocesan  /daɪ ˈɑ sə sən/


  1. (n) a bishop having jurisdiction over a diocese
  2. (adj) belonging to or governing a diocese

Derived Word(s)


  1. The diocesan debt is a modest $3.
  2. The changes range from diocesan government to such unusual subjects as the responsibility of individual Catholics to form their own attitudes on the morality of war.
  3. He's also clear about his role: it is to call people to conversation, not to intervene in diocesan or provincial life--which some people have been asking for.


  1. Pastoral Is as Pastoral Does

    The post-Vatican II era has revealed the word "pastoral" as a decidedly fluid term. It introduced some of the Council's major documents. it was the active ingredient in new functions such as parish and diocesan councils.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: National Catholic Reporter

  2. Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo hosts first rally for middle school students

    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo hosted their first ever Diocesan Junior Rally Saturday dedicated specifically for middle schoolers throughout the Panhandle.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: KVII 7 Amarillo

  3. Local priest removed after 1990s sex abuse allegations

    A second priest serving at St. Joseph's Catholic Church-Hessen Cassel in Fort Wayne has been removed from ministry after what diocesan officials Wednesday called "a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor" 20 years ago in Africa.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette


  1. In an interview with the paper on Friday, Kennedy said that Tobin "instructed me not to take Communion and said that he has instructed the diocesan priests not to give me Communion."
    on Nov 23, 2009 By: Patrick Kennedy Source: U.S. News & World Report

  2. "When Bishop Raymond Lahey called our diocesan offices on Wednesday afternoon, he was facing very few - practically no - options with respect to a residence in Ottawa," Archbishop Prendergast wrote in a statement that pledges co-operation with...
    on Oct 10, 2009 By: Terrence Prendergast Source: Globe and Mail

  3. The Nigerian archbishop wrote: "You speak in your letter of centuries old custom regarding diocesan boundaries. You are, of course, aware that the particular historical situation to which you make reference was intended to protect the church from...
    on May 9, 2007 By: Archbishop Peter Akinola Source: Scripps News

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