destitute destitute  /ˈdɛ stə ˌtut/


  1. (adj) poor enough to need help from others
  2. (adj) completely wanting or lacking


  1. Young recruits, destitute of experience, were thrown into the battle.
  2. Karen has been working with the destitutes for over three years now and she says while the number of destitutes are increasing, the aid from the community is dwindling.
  3. "I may be at the very bottom of the pyramid but I am no destitute," declared Irene.


  1. Elder abuse victims get help

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Debby Weinstein remembers the day Goldie showed up at the YWCAs Sojourners Shelter on Charlestons East End. Goldie, who had been a homemaker and who had managed a farm with her husband in another state, was homeless and destitute, ano...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Charleston Gazette

  2. Top Insider Trading Cases

    Let’s just go through the hypotheses step by step. Hypothesis A: If I were to tell you that you were going to end up losing everything you had, that you were going to become destitute, that your kids would be paying back your debt for their rest of their lives and the grandkids probably too, that your house would be repossessed that you would be living like a hobo on the streets, would you or ...
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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