cross-section cross-section


  • (adj) representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length


  1. Radar detection is difficult because of the missile's small cross-section, low altitude flight.
  2. Catholics were identified both in a new cross-section sample and in other previous PTI random-digit-dial samples.
  3. But more than that, I missed my guild, Gnomeland Security, a loose cross-section of military guys, history majors, high school students, writers and singers.


  • Obama Making New Pitch to Pass Immigration Reform

    U.S. President Barack Obama is prodding Congress to pass legislation overhauling the nation's immigration system. The White House says Mr. Obama is promoting the economic and national security benefits of a bipartisan bill being considered in the U.S. Senate, where the first votes are scheduled later in the day. The president is joining a cross-section of leaders from the business, labor and ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Voice of America


  1. "Momentum for the pending merger with XM continues to build," said Karmazin. "Support from our customers, suppliers and other groups representing a diverse cross-section of Americans, clearly demonstrates the public interest benefits and...
    on Jul 31, 2007 By: Mel Karmazin Source:

  2. "The way this works is the cross-section of this cup looks like an airplane wing. The narrow angle here will wick the coffee up," Pettit explained in a video radioed to NASA's Mission Control Center in Houston and broadcast on NASA TV.
    on Nov 27, 2008 By: Don Pettit Source: Reuters Canada

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