antiauthoritarian antiauthoritarian


  • (adj) opposed to authoritarianism


  1. You've heard the story: the Netroots, the Democratic Party's equivalent of a punk garage band--edgy, loud and antiauthoritarian--are suddenly on the verge of the big time.
  2. Watching Loose Change, you feel as if you are participating in the great American tradition of self-reliance and nonconformist, antiauthoritarian dissent.
  3. While Playwright Wasserman's motives are pro-human and antiauthoritarian, he crudely mistakes outrage for rage, license for liberty, and intellectual dandruff for ideas.


  • "What's poignant about these excerpts is that all these people think there's an agency capable of addressing their various paranoias," Gitlin wrote in an e-mail. "For all that we're supposed to be living in a period of antiauthoritarian...
    on Nov 29, 2003 By: Todd Gitlin Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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