aggrandisement aggrandisement


  • (n) the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something



  • Foreign Minister Shigemitsu, who signed the Japanese surrender, was "a man of confirmed liberal views, consistently opposed to any policy of aggression and aggrandisement.


  1. Mugabe called on the crowd to compare "the patriotism and sacrifice" of the country's heroes "to the character of our people who have chosen to worship the god of wealth and who have shown unbridled greed, corruption and self-aggrandisement."
    on Aug 14, 2006 By: Robert Mugabe Source: Independent Online

  2. "Laws are not enough," Dr Kung told the Parliament of the World's Religions. "You need the political will to fight corruption, greed and aggrandisement. But the political will is often weak because it is not accompanied by ethical will."
    on Dec 7, 2009 By: Hans Kung Source: The Age

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