after-shave after-shave


  • (n) a fragrant lotion for a man's face after shaving


  1. Gray Mackenzie padlocked its doors, and the poisoning cases began to stagger in as sales of after-shave lotions and cologne soared tenfold.
  2. When the plane landed in Havana, it turned out to be a bottle of after-shave lotion wrapped in a handkerchief.
  3. In some parts of the country, people carry images of Jesus around their villages, washing the pictures with after-shave and hanging them on large crosses on Good Friday.


  • Castro, commonly referred to as Comandante, adds: "Not to mention the money you save in razor blades, soap, after-shave lotion, hot water...... So letting your beard grow has a practical advantage and is also more economical. The only disadvantage...
    on Oct 25, 2009 By: Fidel Castro Source: East African

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