aether aether


  1. (n) personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians; son of Erebus and night or of Chaos and darkness
  2. (n) a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves


  • Another gallup poll asking the same question last week shows that the sudden pro-life majority has melted back into the aether from whence it came.


  • Thor: The Dark World (Blu-ray)

    Recommended As new universes are born, the old ones fade into oblivion. Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and a small army of his dark elves escaped that fate as the newly-birthed nine realms ravaged everyone and everything he once knew. Despite being armed with the Aether -- the most devastating weapon either universe had ever witnessed -- Malekith and his army fell. The Aether could not ...
    on February 20, 2014     Source: DVD Talk


  • Graham Stringer, the Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, wrote in his column for Manchester Confidential magazine: "Dyslexia is a cruel fiction, it is no more real than the 19th-century scientific construction of 'the aether' to explain how light...
    on Jan 13, 2009 By: Graham Stringer Source: Times Online

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