adorability adorability


  • (n) extreme attractiveness


  1. But in the role that Martin made famous, she falls a couple of notches short on the adorability meter.
  2. He's like a kid afflicted by the terrible twos, who having behaved badly then scrunches up his face into a mask of adorability in order to enlist our forgiveness.
  3. One suspects she will not for long surrender to the kind of simple adorability she demonstrates in Blonde.


  • Comic-Con Fugs and Fabs: Nina Dobrev

    Nina Dobrev continued her Reign of Adorability at Comic-Con this weekend. Sure, she didn’t go to the EW party (or, at least, didn’t walk the press line), but she still brought it with this dress:
    on July 23, 2013     Source: Go Fug Yourself

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