actualization actualization


  • (n) making real or giving the appearance of reality



  1. This is the process of self-actualization.
  2. They are hustling a cornucopia of aids to selfdiscovery, self-actualization, self-service, self-enhancement, self-assertion, and self-treatment.
  3. Still, self-actualization is a luxury not everybody can afford, and looking at middle- and upper-class twixters gives only part of the picture.


  • Steps to leadership empowerment

    I  love the word empowerment, which means a state of being “in power.” According to Merriam-Webster, the word has three definitions:  1) to give official authority or legal power to, 2) enable, and 3) to promote the self-actualization or influence of. When we self-empower, we are the ones to give authority, enable, and promote the self-actualization of ourselves! We give ourselves permis-sion to ...
    on July 23, 2013     Source: The Sierra Vista Herald


  1. According to President Yar'Adua, "from the time I discussed the issue of the Partnership with her (Merkel) in June 2007 up till this moment, she has remained steadfast in the pursuit of its actualization. It is evident that the original objective of...
    on Aug 21, 2008 By: Yar Adua Source: Trading Markets (press release)

  2. "Playing that role was the most in-depth, self-actualization therapy," Peters says. "I cured myself of so many things. Like Gypsy Rose Lee, I was a child in show-biz, and my mother, like hers, had a large personality. But, I wasn't playing my...
    on Oct 30, 2008 By: Bernadette Peters Source: Baltimore Sun

  3. "Music makes you feel like you're a part of something," Malone said. "But then when music becomes the actualization of music, a band creating in a space before you, then you feel the presence -- or the lack thereof -- of being a part of...
    on Jun 9, 2008 By: Jena Malone Source: Los Angeles Times

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