actualisation actualisation


  • (n) making real or giving the appearance of reality



  • It is the dawn of a new era-equal opportunity, level playing field,freedom-where the best and brightest can achieve actualisation without any encumberance.


  • The Obituary Column: Farewell, Malky Mackay and Cardiff City's sanity

    Malky Mackay looks certain to get the chop at Cardiff City, with Vincent Tan running the club at his own personal whimsy. We say a heartfelt goodbye. It must seem at first to be pretty bizarre to read your own obituary before you're actually dead, but there is a logic to this. It has been touted at times as a self-actualisation exercise - one writes one's own Times spread as they would like it ...
    on December 20, 2013     Source: SB Nation


  1. "I urge you ...... not to allow the actualisation our collective dream of a just, peaceful and prosperous nation, which we have laboured for in the past eight years, to be truncated by the emergence of corrupt and inept leaders as successors to the...
    on Jan 1, 2007 By: Olusegun Obasanjo Source: AngolaPress

  2. Kenyan Finance Minister David Mwiraria said: "Intentions and actualisation are not the same thing. We would like to see a situation where there is money now."
    on Jul 8, 2005 By: David Mwiraria Source: BBC News

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