abolitionist abolitionist  /ˌæ bə ˈlɪ ʃə nəst/


  • (n) a reformer who favors abolishing slavery


  1. No abolitionist had ever brought the two great intellectual traditions of antislaverythe Enlightenment and the Bibletogether with such power.
  2. Lynch is a mulatto in cahoots with an abolitionist; it is he who orders a crackdown on the Klan and gets what Griffith sees as a villain's just deserts.
  3. The story of an enslaved African royal who became a key figure in the abolitionist movement has remained largely obscure.


  1. Gazette.Net: North Bethesda slavery museum gets green light

    Tucked away on Old Georgetown Road is the former plantation where Josiah Henson, a slave, spent years in captivity before escaping to freedom in Canada, where he rose to prominence as an abolitionist and writer.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Gazette.net

  2. The Courage To Cross An Ocean, Explored In 'TransAtlantic'

    In 1845, Frederick Douglass sailed to Ireland on a speaking tour to raise money for the abolitionist cause back home. About 75 years later, two airmen, Jack Alcock and Teddy Brown, performed the first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight, flying 16 hours from Newfoundland to land in an Irish bog. And 79 years after that, George J.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: KERA North Texas

  3. This Day in History

    On this day in 1826, abolitionist John Greenleaf Whittier's first poem was published in "The Free Press," a newspaper that Newburyport's William Lloyd Garrison had just started after purchasing the printing facility at 24 State St. from Isaac Knapp.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: The Daily News of Newburyport


  1. "These brave individuals, and the abolitionist movements they inspired, should serve as an example to us all as we continue to battle the contemporary forms of slavery that stain our world today," Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement.
    on Mar 26, 2008 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: United Press International

  2. "Recognizing and honoring the historic role that Brooklyn played in the abolitionist movement is a worthy endeavor, and a role we should be proud of," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
    on Aug 15, 2007 By: Michael Bloomberg Source: Brooklyn Downtown STAR

  3. "The irony of Abraham Lincoln is that he changed," Gates says. "He changed for two reasons. One is that he met Frederick Douglass [the venerable abolitionist, reformer and newspaper publisher]. And he decided that he needed black troops to...
    on Feb 7, 2009 By: Henry Louis Gates Source: Los Angeles Times

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