humanism vs humanist :

humanism or humanist

People today often use “humanist” to refer to non-religious attitudes or even to atheism; but scholars know that the term originated to describe Renaissance writers who were often Catholic, rarely atheists, and that there is such a thing as humanistic religion. Careful writers avoid using this term loosely, remembering that in historical contexts it does not usually refer to a lack of religion. Renaissance humanists emphasized human abilities and achievements, but they often praised God for them.

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  • n  the doctrine that people's duty is to promote human welfare
  • n  the doctrine emphasizing a person's capacity for self-realization through reason; rejects religion and the supernatural
  • n  the cultural movement of the Renaissance; based on classical studies

  • n  a classical scholar or student of the liberal arts
  • n  an advocate of the principles of humanism; someone concerned with the interests and welfare of humans
  • a  of or pertaining to Renaissance humanism
    the humanistic revival of learning
  • a  of or pertaining to a philosophy asserting human dignity and man's capacity for fulfillment through reason and scientific method and often rejecting religion
    the humanist belief in continuous emergent evolution"- Wendell Thomas
  • a  pertaining to or concerned with the humanities
    humanistic studies
  • s  marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare
    respect and humanistic regard for all members of our species
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