hyperdermic vs hypodermic :

hyperdermic or hypodermic

Do you get a little hyper when you have to go to the doctor for a shot? The injection is made with a hypodermic needle. The prefix hypo- means “under,” and the needle slides under your skin (your epidermis).

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  • n  a piston syringe that is fitted with a hypodermic needle for giving injections
  • a  relating to or located below the epidermis
    hypodermic needle
News & Articles

  • Police find heroin needle on man cutting grass
    Middletown Division of PoliceJune 9A Middletown man was charged with drug abuse/instruments after police found a hypodermic needle on him while he was mowing grass in the 3000 block of Omaha Street.
    June 13, 2013 - Middletown Journal
  • Drug Bust In LeRoy, Two Arrested
    LeRoy, N.Y. - Authorities say the seized hypodermic instruments, methadone, a small amount of cocaine, and more.
    June 13, 2013 - 13WHAM Rochester
  • Man Faces Drug Charges After Friend Found Locked In Starbucks Restroom
    A 21-year-old man was taken to the hospital Monday after he was found locked in the bathroom of a Geneva Starbucks, surrounded by packets of suspected heroin and a hypodermic needle. A friend was later charged after apparently trying to hide the drugs from police.
    June 13, 2013 - CBS Chicago