practicle vs practical :

practicle vs practical

practicle or practical

Practical involves the part/section of an exam which has the candidate demonstrate how to apply theories to real life situations.

"Most of the theories in Physics have practical application."

Practicle is the misspelling of the word, practical which is unacceptable. The confusion might have risen based off the articulation of the word - the phonetic enunciation.

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  • a  concerned with actual use or practice
    he is a very practical person
    the idea had no practical application
    a practical knowledge of Japanese
    woodworking is a practical art
  • s  guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory
    completely practical in his approach to business
  • s  being actually such in almost every respect
    a practical failure
  • s  having or put to a practical purpose or use
    practical mathematics
    practical applications of calculus
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