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The Chicago Manual of Style contains a huge chart listing various sortsof phrases that are or are not to be hyphenated. Consult such areference source for a thorough-going account of this matter, but youmay be able to get by with a few basic rules. An adverb/adjectivecombination in which the adverb ends in “-LY” is never hyphenated: “Hisnecktie reflected his generally grotesque taste.” Other sorts of adverbsare followed by a hyphen when combined with an adjective: “Hislong-suffering wife finally snapped and fed it through the officeshredder.” The point here is that “long” modifies “suffering,” not“wife.” When both words modify the same noun, they are not hyphenated. A “light-green suitcase” is pale in color, but a “light green suitcase”is not heavy. In the latter example “light” and “green” both modify“suitcase,” so no hyphen is used.Adjectives combined with nouns having an “-ED” suffix are hyphenated:“Frank was a hot-headed cop.”Hyphenate ages when they are adjective phrases involving a unit ofmeasurement: “

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  • n  division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page
  • n  connecting syllables and words by hyphens
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