heavily vs strongly :

heavily or strongly

“Heavily” is not an all-purpose synonym for “strongly.” It should be reserved for expressions in which literal or metaphorical weight or density is implied, like “heavily underlined,” “heavily influenced,” “heavily armed,“ or “heavily traveled.” Not standard are expressions like “heavily admired” or “heavily characteristic of.” People sometimes use “heavily” when they mean “heartily,” as in “heavily praised.”

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  • r  to a considerable degree
    he relied heavily on others' data
  • r  in a heavy-footed manner
    he walked heavily up the three flights to his room
  • r  with great force
    she hit her arm heavily against the wall
  • r  in a manner designed for heavy duty
    a heavily constructed car
    heavily armed
  • r  slowly as if burdened by much weight
  • r  in a labored manner
    he breathed heavily
  • r  indulging excessively
    he drank heavily

  • r  with strength or in a strong manner
    argues very strongly for his proposal
    he was strongly opposed to the government
  • r  in a powerful manner
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