hence why vs hence :

hence why or hence

Shakespeare and the Bible keep alive one meaning of the old word “hence”: “away from here” (“get thee hence”). There’s no need to add “from” to the word, though you often see “from hence” in pretentious writing, and it’s not likely to bother many readers. But another sense of the word “hence” (“therefore”) causes more trouble because writers often add “why” to it: “I got tired of mowing the lawn, hence why I bought the goat.” “Hence” and “why” serve the same function in a sentence like this; use just one or the other, not both: “hence I bought the goat” or “that’s why I bought the goat.”

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  • r  (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result
    the eggs were fresh and hence satisfactory
    we were young and thence optimistic
  • r  from this place
    get thee hence!
  • r  from this time
    a year hence it will be forgotten
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