appose vs oppose :

appose vs oppose

appose or oppose

Oppose means to face something or somebody else in disagreement. It can be used to describe the physical location of items or disagreeing ideas.

A. "The table and chair are opposed to one another."
B. "The workers are opposed to the new development."

Appose on the other hand means to juxtapose or place side by side. This word is rarely used except for specific required contexts.

"The guns were apposed before being placed into their casings."

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  • v  place side by side or in close proximity

  • v  be against; express opposition to
    We oppose the ban on abortion
  • v  fight against or resist strongly
    The senator said he would oppose the bill
  • v  contrast with equal weight or force
  • v  set into opposition or rivalry
  • v  act against or in opposition to
  • v  be resistant to
    The board opposed his motion
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