biweekly vs semiweekly :

biweekly or semiweekly

Technically, a biweekly meeting occurs every two weeks and a semiweeklyone occurs twice a week; but so few people get this straight that yourclub is liable to disintegrate unless you avoid these words in thenewsletter and stick with “every other week” or “twice weekly.” The sameis true of “bimonthly” and “semimonthly,” though “biennial” and“semi-annual” are less often confused with each other.

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  • n  a periodical that is published twice a week or every two weeks (either 104 or 26 issues per year)
  • s  occurring every two weeks
  • s  occurring twice a week
  • r  twice a week
  • r  every two weeks

  • n  a periodical that is published twice each week (or 104 issues per year)
  • s  occurring twice a week
  • r  twice a week
    he called home semiweekly
News & Articles

  • Hypervelocity Stars - The Countdown #24
    The Countdown is a biweekly video show highlighting the best stuff in space news. In this episode: Lumpy Lunar Gravity, Curiosity's Next Journey, Tracking Space Warps, Smallest Galaxy Ever Found, and Hypervelocity Stars
    June 14, 2013 - Scientific American
  • Between the vines: Livermore Valley "perfect fit" for syrah grapes
    Between the Vines is a biweekly column on wine and wine making in the Livermore Valley region. This column was contributed by members of the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association.
    June 13, 2013 - Tri-Valley Herald
  • COMSTAT Meeting
    The JPD shares the latest Jackson crime statistics at the biweekly meeting. Open to the public.
    June 13, 2013 - Jackson Free Press

  • Battle Born: A Rebel Yell opinion blog
    Welcome to Battle Born, the new Rebel Yell opinion blog. This blog will be a supplement to the opinion section in our semiweekly print editions. While the internet has a myriad viewpoints on a cornucopia of issues, we at the Rebel Yell feel there is always more to say.
    Feb. 23, 2014 - The Rebel Yell