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To find the mean (or average) of a series of numbers, for example 1,2,3,4,5 & 6, add them all together for a total of 21; then divide by the number of numbers (6) to give the mean (or average) of 3.5.In contrast, when half the data of a set are above a point and half below, that point is the median. The difference between mean and median can be quite significant, but one often sees the terms used wrongly even in technical contexts.

mean Meaning(s)

  • (v) mean or intend to express or convey
  • (v) have as a logical consequence
  • (v) denote or connote
  • (v) have in mind as a purpose
  • (v) have a specified degree of importance
  • (v) intend to refer to
  • (v) destine or designate for a certain purpose
  • (s) approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value
  • (s) characterized by malice
  • (s) having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality
  • (s) excellent
  • (s) marked by poverty befitting a beggar
  • (s) (used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity
  • (s) (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt
  • (s) of no value or worth
  • (n) an average of n numbers computed by adding some function of the numbers and dividing by some function of n

median Meaning(s)

  • (s) relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in a set with an even number of values)
  • (s) relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle
  • (n) the value below which 50% of the cases fall
  • (s) dividing an animal into right and left halves

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