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  • n  a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact
  • a  relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple in declarative statements
    indicative mood
  • s  (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly
    actions indicative of fear
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  • s  (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly
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  • s  liable to be accused, or cause for such liability
    an indictable offense
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  • n  a pop group not affiliated with a major record company
  • n  an independent film company not associated with an established studio
  • s  (of pop groups) not affiliated with a major recording company
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  • s  marked by a lack of interest; it is simply indifferent"
  • s  showing no care or concern in attitude or action
    indifferent to the sufferings of others
    indifferent to her plea
  • s  (usually followed by `to') unwilling or refusing to pay heed
  • s  (often followed by `to') lacking importance; not mattering one way or the other
    whether you choose to do it or not is a matter that is quite immaterial (or indifferent)
    what others think is altogether indifferent to him
  • s  fairly poor to not very good
    has an indifferent singing voice
    has indifferent qualifications for the job
  • s  having only a limited ability to react chemically; chemically inactive
    an indifferent chemical in a reaction
  • s  marked by no especial liking or dislike or preference for one thing over another
    indifferent about which book you would give them
    was indifferent to their acceptance or rejection of her invitation
  • s  characterized by a lack of partiality
    a properly indifferent jury
  • s  being neither good nor bad
    an indifferent performance
    a gifted painter but an indifferent actor
  • s  neither too great nor too little
    a couple of indifferent hills to climb
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  • s  originating where it is found
    the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan
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  • s  angered at something unjust or wrong
    an indignant denial
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  • n  a blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically
  • n  deciduous subshrub of southeastern Asia having pinnate leaves and clusters of red or purple flowers; a source of indigo dye
  • n  a blue-violet color
  • s  having a color between blue and violet
    indigo flowers
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  • s  having intervening factors or persons or influences
    reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light
    indirect evidence
    an indirect cause
  • a  not direct in spatial dimension; not leading by a straight line or course to a destination
    sometimes taking an indirect path saves time
    you must take an indirect course in sailing
  • a  descended from a common ancestor but through different lines
    an indirect descendant of the Stuarts
  • a  extended senses; not direct in manner or language or behavior or action
    making indirect but legitimate inquiries
    an indirect insult
    doubtless they had some indirect purpose in mind
    though his methods are indirect they are not dishonest
    known as a shady indirect fellow
  • s  not as a direct effect or consequence
    indirect benefits
    an indirect advantage
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  • a  difficult or impossible to perceive or discern
    an indiscernible increase in temperature
  • s  barely able to be perceived
    the transition was almost indiscernible
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  • a  lacking discretion; injudicious
    her behavior was indiscreet at the very best
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  • s  not divided or divisible into parts
    layers that were fused into an indiscrete mass
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  • s  failing to make or recognize distinctions
  • a  not marked by fine distinctions
    indiscriminate reading habits
    an indiscriminate mixture of colors and styles
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  • a  not to be dispensed with; essential
    foods indispensable to good nutrition
  • s  absolutely necessary; vitally necessary
    an indispensable worker
  • s  unavoidable
    the routine but indispensable ceremonies of state
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  • v  make unwilling
  • v  make unfit or unsuitable
  • v  cause to feel unwell
    She was indisposed
  • s  somewhat ill or prone to illness
    feeling a bit indisposed today
  • s  (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed
    clearly indisposed to grant their request
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  • s  not open to question; obviously true
    indisputable evidence of a witness
  • s  impossible to doubt or dispute
    indisputable (or sure) proof
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  • a  (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved
  • s  used of decisions and contracts
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