stand vs stance :

stand or stance

When you courageously resist opposing forces, you take—or make—a stand. The metaphor is a military one, with the defending forces refusing to flee from the attacker. Your stance, on the other hand, is just your position—literal or figurative—which may not be particularly militant. A golfer wanting to improve her drives may adopt a different stance, or your stance on cojack may be that it doesn’t belong on a gourmet cheese platter; but if you organize a group to force the neighbors to get rid of the hippo they’ve tethered in their front yard, you’re taking a stand.

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  • n  a support or foundation
  • n  the position where a thing or person stands
  • n  a growth of similar plants (usually trees) in a particular area
    they cut down a stand of trees
  • n  a small table for holding articles of various kinds
    a bedside stand
  • n  a support for displaying various articles
  • n  an interruption of normal activity
  • n  a mental position from which things are viewed
  • n  a booth where articles are displayed for sale
  • n  a stop made by a touring musical or theatrical group to give a performance
    a one-night stand
  • n  tiered seats consisting of a structure (often made of wood) where people can sit to watch an event (game or parade)
  • n  a platform where a (brass) band can play in the open air
  • n  a defensive effort
    the army made a final stand at the Rhone
  • v  be standing; be upright
    We had to stand for the entire performance!
  • v  be in some specified state or condition
    I stand corrected
  • v  occupy a place or location, also metaphorically
    We stand on common ground
  • v  hold one's ground; maintain a position; be steadfast or upright
    I am standing my ground and won't give in!
  • v  put up with something or somebody unpleasant
  • v  have or maintain a position or stand on an issue
    Where do you stand on the War?
  • v  remain inactive or immobile
    standing water
  • v  be in effect; be or remain in force
    The law stands!
  • v  be tall; have a height of; copula
    She stands 6 feet tall
  • v  put into an upright position
    Can you stand the bookshelf up?
  • v  withstand the force of something
    stand the test of time
  • v  be available for stud services

  • n  standing posture
  • n  a rationalized mental attitude
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