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music or singing

After my wife—an accomplished soprano—reported indignantly that a friend of hers had stated that her church had “no music, only singing,” I began to notice the same tendency among my students to equate music strictly with instrumental music. I was told by one that “the singing interfered with the music” (i.e., the accompaniment). In the classical realm most listeners seem to prefer instrumental to vocal performances, which is odd given the distinct unpopularity of strictly instrumental popular music. People rejoice at the sound of choral works at Christmas but seldom seek them out at other times of the year. Serious music lovers rightly object to the linguistic sloppiness that denies the label “music” to works by such composers as Palestrina, Schubert, and Verdi. From the Middle Ages to the late eighteenth century, vocal music reigned supreme, and instrumentalists strove to achieve the prized compliment of “sounding like the human voice.” The dominance of orchestral works is a comparatively recent phenomenon.

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  • n  an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
  • n  any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds
    he fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes
  • n  musical activity (singing or whistling etc.)
    his music was his central interest
  • n  (music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)
  • n  punishment for one's actions
    you have to face the music

  • n  the act of singing vocal music
  • n  disclosing information or giving evidence about another
  • v  deliver by singing
  • v  produce tones with the voice
    She was singing while she was cooking
  • v  to make melodious sounds
    The nightingale was singing
  • v  make a whining, ringing, or whistling sound
    the kettle was singing
  • v  divulge confidential information or secrets
  • v  burn superficially or lightly
  • v  become superficially burned
  • s  smooth and flowing
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