mash potatoes vs mashed potatoes :

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  • Deacons will head to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving
    When Turkey Day roles around this year, the Demon Deacons will be enjoying their mashed potatoes and gravy from the warm, sunny beaches of the Bahamas. That is certainly not a bad place to be for the holiday, but for the Wake Forest men’s basketball team, it will be a business trip to the island nation located in the Caribbean.
    June 12, 2013 - Old Gold & Black
  • Fisherman's pie
    Serves 6 generously Something about the biting winter air makes us long for hearty food and familiar tastes. Here, white fish and shrimp, along with potatoes and cheese turn into a crusty casserole-style dish in a silky sauce. It's topped with mashed potatoes, which turn golden brown in the oven. The cheese can be left out of both the filling ...        
    June 11, 2013 - Boston Globe
  • Beer-braised beef short ribs
    Serves 6 Short ribs are typically cold weather fare, but what's more bone-chilling than a rainy week at the beach or in the mountains? After making this dish, you need to refrigerate it overnight so you can skim off the fat. The following day, steam a potful of small yellow potatoes to serve with the meat, or make mashed potatoes.        
    June 11, 2013 - Boston Globe