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On the World Wide Web, a “home page” is normally the first page a person entering a site encounters, often functioning as a sort of table of contents for the other pages. People sometimes create special pages within their sites introducing a particular topic, and these are also informally called “home pages” (as in “The Emily Dickinson Home Page”); but it is a sure sign of a Web novice to refer to all Web pages as home pages. Spelling “homepage” as a single word is common on the Web, but distinctly more casual than “home page.”

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  • n  the opening page of a web site
News & Articles

  • Our plan for the end of the Term
    On Monday, we will launch a pretty substantial redesign of the blog’s home page, which has been several months in the making. For every opinion day for the rest of the Term, we will put a special plan in place for the major pending rulings: the two same-sex marriage cases, the Fisher affirmative action case, [...]
    June 15, 2013 - SCOTUSblog
  • Akron says employer payroll functions are restored on its web site, although some features appear to remain disabled
    UPDATE: City of Akron officials say their website has been restored to allow income tax payments by registered users although a statement on the home page warns that some features continue to be disabled. The Beacon Journal is seeking an explanation of which features remain disabled. It appears web addresses for some pages have changed, which may be causing some confusion. The income tax payment ...
    June 14, 2013 - Akron Beacon Journal
  • An m-commerce site that ‘defies all mobile web standards’
    GNC’s gargantuan home page takes 41 seconds to load, Keynote says. Who will wait?
    June 13, 2013 - InternetRetailer.com