got vs gotten :

got or gotten

In the UK, the old word “gotten” dropped out of use except in suchstock phrases as “ill-gotten” and “gotten up,” but in the US it isfrequently used as the past participle of “get.” sometimes the two areinterchangeable, However, “got” implies current possession, as in “I’vegot just five dollars to buy my dinner with.” “Gotten,” in contrast,often implies the process of getting hold of something: “I’ve gottenfive dollars for cleaning out Mrs. Quimby’s shed” emphasizing theearning of the money rather than its possession. Phrases that involvesome sort of process usually involve “gotten”: “My grades have gottenbetter since I moved out of the fraternity.” When you have to leave,you’ve got to go. If you say you’ve “gotten to go” you’re implyingsomeone gave you permission to go.

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