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The only one of these spellings recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary as meaning “shameless” is “barefaced.” Etymologies often refer to the prevalence of beards among Renaissance Englishmen, but beards were probably too common to be considered as deceptively concealing. It seems more likely that the term derived from the widespread custom at that time among the upper classes of wearing masks to social occasions where one would rather not be recognized.

barefaced Meaning(s)

  • (s) with no effort to conceal
  • (s) unrestrained by convention or propriety

boldfaced in News

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    Alexander Payne, James Gray and Matthew Weiner were among the boldfaced names who came out to support the small-town fest, which kicks off the Oscar season. read more        
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    Tom Hanks, Cyndi Lauper and Neil Patrick Harris, among other boldfaced names, celebrate the best of Broadway at Sunday's ceremony in New York.
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barefaced in News

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    Jennifer Aniston is a natural beauty. The "We're The Millers" star's longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan, posted a photo of himself and a barefaced Jennifer to his Instagram account - and she looks great!
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