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About apropos vs appropriate

“Apropos,” (anglicized from the French phrase “à propos” ) means relevant,connected with what has gone before; it should not be used as an all-purposesubstitute for “appropriate.” It would be inappropriate, for example, to say“Your tuxedo was perfectly apropos for the opera gala.” Even though it’s not pronounced, be careful not to omit the final “S” in spelling “apropos.”

apropos Meaning(s)

  • (r) introducing a different topic; in point of fact
  • (a) of an appropriate or pertinent nature
  • (r) at an opportune time

appropriate Meaning(s)

  • (a) suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc
  • (v) take possession of by force, as after an invasion
  • (v) give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

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    For artist Devon Palmer, learning how to turn wood also became an easy way to hang-time with his father as an adult. Apropos that Palmer is teaching a wooden pen-making workshop for fathers and sons — or daughters! — at Columbus Idea Foundry this Sunday (FYI: June 16 is Father’s Day, slackers). The class is sold out, but a gift certificate to a future Columbus Idea Foundry workshop is a great ...
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    Looking at the definition of the word encore finds an apropos meaning for my test drive this week. The third descriptor for encore states: the performance or reappearance in response to such a demand.
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    Stocks paid appropriate homage to Jacques Cousteau on his birthday , with equities ending uncomfortably underwater amid a rising tide of red ink emanating from the Sea of Japan. (Investors
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    Putting together a summertime day-to-night outfit, work appropriate and breezy, can be a bit of a wardrobe challenge: how to feel confident and fabulous at the office, then chic in the evening without carrying a change of clothes.
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