waver vs waiver :

waver or waiver

Wave bye-bye. Ride the wave. Do the wave. We all know what a wave is, right? The verb “waive,” whose root meaning is “abandon,” is less familiar. When you give up a legal right, you waive it; and the document you sign to do so is called not a “waver” but a “waiver.”

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  • n  someone who communicates by waving
  • n  the act of pausing uncertainly
  • n  the act of moving back and forth
  • v  pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness
  • v  be unsure or weak
  • v  move hesitatingly, as if about to give way
  • v  move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern
  • v  move back and forth very rapidly
  • v  sway to and fro
  • v  give off unsteady sounds, alternating in amplitude or frequency

  • n  a formal written statement of relinquishment
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