very unique vs unique :

very unique or unique

“Unique” singles out one of a kind. That “un” at the beginning is a form of “one.” A thing is unique (the only one of its kind) or it is not. Something may be almost unique (there are very few like it), but nothing is “very unique.”

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  • s  radically distinctive and without equal
    Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint
  • s  (followed by `to') applying exclusively to a given category or condition or locality
    a species unique to Australia
  • s  the single one of its kind
    the unique existing example of Donne's handwriting
    a unique copy of an ancient manuscript
    certain types of problems have unique solutions
  • s  highly unusual or rare but not the single instance
    spoke with a unique accent
    had unique ability in raising funds
    a frankness unique in literature
    a unique dining experience
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