rural :


In some US dialects, the second R in “rural” is not pronounced, so that it sounds like “ROO-ull” or even “rull.” The dominant standard pronunciation sounds both Rs, to rhyme with “plural.”

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  • a  living in or characteristic of farming or country life
    rural people
    large rural households
    unpaved rural roads
    an economy that is basically rural
  • a  of or relating to the countryside as opposed to the city
    rural electrification
    rural free delivery
News & Articles

  • Rural Potomac man making, fixing cigar box instruments
    The rural Potomac shop that Tony Taylor built, mostly with salvaged materials and with a little help from a couple of friends, would make any motorist stop to take a look. POTOMAC — It's easy to miss the road leading to Tony Taylor's workshop — even though it's close to the village of Potomac. Going south out of town, the road is just past the second part of the S curve soon after you pass over ...
    June 16, 2013 -
  • Rural America posts first-ever loss in population
    WASHINGTON — Living in a rural Nevada town, Moe Royels recalls a more bustling time years ago when retirees poured in to enjoy the warm desert climate, nearby casinos and quiet community. But soon boom turned to bust, and years after the recession ended, Royels still wonders if things will ever fully turn around in small towns like his.
    June 15, 2013 - Chattanooga Times Free Press
  • NC rural agency makes questionable job claims
    The N.C. Rural Economic Development Center has approved questionable loans while making job creation claims that aren't supported by facts, according to a newspaper's investigation.
    June 15, 2013 - FOX Carolina