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If you are studying the arts, it’s important to know that the word “romantic” is used in such contexts to mean much more than “having to do with romantic love.” It originated in the Middle Ages to label sensational narratives written in romance languages—rather than Latin—depicting events like the fall of King Arthur’s Round Table (in French, novels are still called romans whether they depict love affairs or not). In literature and art it often refers to materials that are horrifying, exotic, enthralling, or otherwise emotionally stimulating to an extreme degree. A romantic art song is as likely to beabout death as about love.

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  • n  a soulful or amorous idealist
  • n  an artist of the Romantic Movement or someone influenced by Romanticism
  • a  belonging to or characteristic of Romanticism or the Romantic Movement in the arts
    romantic poetry
  • s  expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance
    a romantic adventure
    a romantic moonlight ride
  • s  not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic
    a romantic disregard for money
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