pretty vs somewhat :

pretty or somewhat

It’s pretty common to use “pretty” to mean “somewhat” in ordinaryspeech; but it should be avoided in formal writing, where sometimes"very” is more appropriate. The temptation to use “pretty” usuallyindicates the writer is being vague, so changing to something morespecific may be an even better solution: “a pretty bad mess” might be“chocolate syrup spilled all over the pizza which had been dumped upsidedown on the carpet.”

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  • s  pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing
    pretty girl
    pretty song
    pretty room
  • s  (used ironically) unexpectedly bad
    a pretty mess
    a pretty kettle of fish
  • r  to a moderately sufficient extent or degree
    pretty big
    pretty bad

  • r  to a small degree or extent
    his arguments were somewhat self-contradictory
  • r  to a moderately sufficient extent or degree
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