more importantly vs more important :

more importantly or more important

When speakers are trying to impress audiences with their rhetoric, theyoften seem to feel that the extra syllable in “importantly”lends weight to their remarks: “and more importantly, I have anabiding love for the American people.” However, these pompousspeakers are wrong. It is rarely correct to use this form of the phrasebecause it is seldom adverbial in intention. Say “moreimportant” instead. The same applies to “mostimportantly”; it should be “most important.”

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  • Sorry T.O., you're not a good fit in K.C.
    Terrell Owens says he might be a good fit for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. Is that supposed to make us wonder what T.O. would look like in Chiefs red or, more importantly, should it make us wonder whether the Chiefs will bring Owens aboard? Nope. This is Owens doing what he does. He’s trying to create a market for himself. I always take the never-say-never approach when it comes to NFL ...
    June 12, 2013 - ESPN Blogs
  • David Moulton: Tim Tebow has hit the football lottery
    Is it Tim Tebow’s last chance? Probably. Much more importantly however, it’s his best chance.
    June 11, 2013 - Naples Daily News
  • Sony E3 2013 PlayStation briefing roundup: PS4 takes E3 with $399 price tag
    Finally, the PS4's menacing-looking box has been revealed. More importantly, however, Sony clearly aimed for the Xbox One 's throat during its E3 press conference -- especially with software, services and a cheaper retail price. Alongside a friendly policy toward used games and epic title reveals for the PS4, Sony introduced a new PS3 bundle for the fall and more. Get you fix of all the stories ...
    June 11, 2013 - Engadget

  • Counterfeit sneaker defendant spared jail time
    Cortez Waters sold thousands of fake Nike sneakers. Even more important, perhaps, he did it as part of a counterfeiting ring that stretched all the way to China.
    June 12, 2013 - The Buffalo News
  • Ellsberg: Snowden’s NSA leak more important than my Pentagon Papers
    Daniel Ellsberg, whose leak of the so-called Pentagon Papers to The New York Times in 1971 exposed the secret history of the war in Vietnam, thinks Edward Snowden's leak of the National Security Agency's surveillance programs was more important than his. "In my estimation, there has not been in American history a more important leak [...]
    June 10, 2013 - The Ticket via Yahoo! News