depreciate vs deprecate :

depreciate or deprecate

To depreciate something is to actually make it worse, whereas todeprecate something is simply to speak or think of it in a manner thatdemonstrates your low opinion of it. People who make unflatteringjokes or comments about themselves are self-deprecating.

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  • v  belittle
  • v  lower the value of something
    The Fed depreciated the dollar once again
  • v  lose in value
    The dollar depreciated again

  • v  express strong disapproval of; deplore
  • v  belittle
    The teacher should not deprecate his student's efforts
News & Articles

  • Used EV prices to fall 30% in '13
    — The value of the average used plug-in electric hybrid vehicle is expected to depreciate nearly 30 percent this year, the biggest decline of any vehicle segment, the National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide says.
    June 19, 2013 - Detroit News
  • Truck stops add revenue to counties, Treasure Coast officials say | Map
    Some 400 Martin County residents say a proposed truck stop off I-95 will depreciate their property values. Truck stops in St. Lucie and Indian River Counties have a positive economic impact, officials said.
    June 16, 2013 - Stuart News
  • How to make money from your hobbies
    Hobbies that continually require you to buy new things tend to be money drains, Hamm writes, unless you find things you can purchase for personal enjoyment and fulfillment that won’t depreciate in value, or at least won’t depreciate very much.
    June 13, 2013 - The Christian Science Monitor

  • NFTables To Replace iptables In the Linux Kernel
    An anonymous reader writes "NFTables is queued up for merging into the Linux 3.13 kernel. NFTables is a four-year-old project by the creators of Netfilter to write a new packet filtering / firewall engine for the Linux kernel to deprecate iptables (though it now offers an iptables compatibility layer too). NFTables promises to be more powerful, simpler, reduce code complication, improve error ...
    Oct. 20, 2013 - Slashdot