desirable vs desirous :

desirable vs desirous

desirable or desirous

Desirable can be described as something that people really want, it is suitable and is worthy to be desired.

"Mary's new hairstyle makes her even more desirable."

Desirous means to have the feeling of desire or excessively eager and wishing to obtain someone or something like money, could be through inordinate moves.

"A man of his calibre and integrity shouldn't be as desirous as he is. He is a public figure!"

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  • a  worth having or seeking or achieving
    a desirable job
    computer with many desirable features
    a desirable outcome
  • s  worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse

  • a  having or expressing desire for something
    desirous of high office
    desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem
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