vapid vs vacuous :

vapid or vacuous

“Vapid” is used to describe something flavorless, weak, flat. Many people confuse this word with “vacuous,” which describes things which are unintelligent, lacking serious content. A boring speech may be vapid even though it’s learned, and a lively speech may be vacuous even though it’s exciting. A dull person may be vapid, but it is not standard usage to refer to a person as vacuous—only their speech, thoughts, etc. can be so described. To avoid the most common error involving these words, just remember that something vapid isn’t stupid, it’s bland.

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  • s  lacking taste or flavor or tang
    vapid beer
    vapid tea
  • s  lacking significance or liveliness or spirit or zest
    a vapid conversation
    a vapid smile
    a bunch of vapid schoolgirls

  • s  devoid of intelligence
  • s  devoid of significance or point
    vacuous comments
  • s  devoid of matter
    a vacuous space
  • s  void of expression
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