supposably, supposingly, supposively vs supposedly :


  • r  believed or reputed to be the case
News & Articles

  • Proposed ‘bikini bar’ near Barclays Center has Brooklynites divided
    DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Imagine a Hooters, but supposedly more upscale and with a lot more class, in the shadows of the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn.
    June 16, 2013 - WPIX 11 New York
  • DirecTV Is Supposedly Buying Hulu
    If it seems like Hulu's been up for sale for a few years now that's because it totally has been. Seriously, back in August 2011 we tried to figure out which Hulu bidder we should be rooting for. And then in September 2011, Dish Network was rumored to buy it . Well? Nothing happened. Now nearly two years later, DirecTV is supposedly in pole position to snag Hulu. Read more...        
    June 14, 2013 - Gizmodo
  • These Are Supposedly The Words That Make The NSA Think You're A Terrorist
    This is an (admittedly huge) list of words that supposedly cause the NSA to flag you as a potential terrorist if you over-use them in an email. We found this on Reddit, where James Bamford, a veteran reporter with 30 years experience covering the NSA, is answering questions from the community.
    June 13, 2013 - Business Insider