redundancies :


There are many examples of redundancies in these pages: phrases which say twice what needs to be said only once, like “past history."Advertisers are particularly liable to redundancy in hyping theiroffers: “as an added bonus” (as a bonus), “preplan” (plan), and “freegift” (but look out for the shipping charges!). Two other commonredundancies which are clearly errors are “and plus” (plus) and “endresult” (result). But some other redundancies are contained in phrasessanctioned by tradition: “safe haven,” “hot water heater,” “newbeginning,” and “tuna fish."

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  • Facebook aims to simplify advertising for marketers
    Facebook is gearing up for a new project to simplify its advertising platform, making it easier for marketers to decide how to place ads across the site. One of the plan's major goals is to reduce redundancies in the 27 different types of ads that Facebook currently offers to marketers, by either getting rid of some options altogether or merging some tools into one product. Many of the types of ...
    June 6, 2013 - PC World