plays a factor vs plays a role :

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  • NBA Draft: Mock 2.0
    As the 2013 NBA Draft approaches, teams are finalizing their draft boards while also formulating their gameplans for the start of free agency in July. It all plays a factor in how the first round will play out in a draft light on star power but chock full of prospects who should turn out to be quality role players in the NBA. Expect heavy action on the trade front heading into and during the ...
    June 20, 2013 - KSAT San Antonio

  • Your Social Media Manager Needs to Know Your Business
    We all know by now that social media is important for business success. It plays a role in sales, marketing and support. Then there's the idea of social CRM -- on a basic level, the inclusion of social media-generated data in the customer record -- which can help shift the way a business interacts with customers to a more intimate and effective level. That's common knowledge.
    June 20, 2013 - E-Commerce Times