lozenger vs lozenge :

lozenger vs lozenge

lozenger or lozenge

A Lozenge is a quadrilateral with sides of equal length having two acute and two obtuse angles.

"What is the sum of all the angles on a lozenge?"

Lozenger is obviously a misspelling of the word, lozenge. It is inappropriate and not deemed correct.

Both of these words refer to a hard medicinal candy for soothing your throat.

“Make sure you have a throat lozenge ready in case you have to cough in the middle of the performance.” 

‘Lozenge’ is the standard pronunciation and spelling, but you hear ‘lozenger’ in some regional dialects.

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  • n  a small aromatic or medicated candy
  • n  a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
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