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et al

“Et al.’ is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” It is commonly used when you don’t want to name all the people or things in a list, and works in roughly the same way as “etc.” “The reorganization plan was designed by Alfred E. Newman, General Halftrack, Zippy the Pinhead, et al.; and it was pretty useless.” The “al.” in this phrase needs a period after it to indicate it is an abbreviation of alia; but it is incorrect to put a period after “et.”

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News & Articles

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    Steiner, Donald A., et ux, et al.; 201 Woodlawn Ave., Bartow; SunTrust Bank.
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    COMMON PLEAS COURT NEW SUITS 13-CV-0531 - Virginia Air Distributors v. Kenny Adams Heating & Air, 425 W. Possum Road, et al., complaint for $28,722. 13-CV-0532 - The Bank of New York Mellon v. Todd Grimm, 3000-3002 Shrine Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $69,684. 13-CV-0533 - James R. Compton Sr., 102 E. Main St., Apt. #413 v. Clarence E. Greene, 17 W. Johnson St., Apt. #110, et al ...
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