bouyant vs buoyant :

bouyant or buoyant

Buoys are buoyant. In the older pronunciation of “buoyant” as “bwoyant” this unusual spelling made more sense. Now that the pronunciation has shifted to “boyant” we have to keep reminding ourselves that the U comes before the O. The root noun, however, though often pronounced “boy” is more traditionally pronounced “BOO-ee.”

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  • s  tending to float on a liquid or rise in air or gas
    buoyant balloons
    buoyant balsawood boats
  • s  characterized by liveliness and lightheartedness
    buoyant spirits
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  • Paffett is making Mercedes-Benz happy - victory at Lausitzring
    Klettwitz - With a dominant lights-to-flag victory for Brit Gary Paffett at Lausitzring, Mercedes-Benz makes a strong comeback in the battle for the DTM title. After 52 laps, the 2005 DTM champion crossed the finish line as the buoyant winner and already collected the winner’s trophy for the 20th time in the DTM. In the drivers’ standings, Paffett moved up to third place behind Bruno ... Keep ...
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  • Japanese Market Up Sharply
    The Japanese stock market opened on a buoyant note on Friday with the overnight strong close on Wall Street on some upbeat economic data triggering hectic buying across the board. The greenback's surge against the yen and hectic bargain hunting after the previous session's terrible setback too contributed to the rousing start.
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    The French market is moderately higher on Wednesday, amid bargain hunting, as some buoyant news on the M&A front in the region helped balance the negative sentiment triggered by concerns about the future of the stimulus programs. That said, markets in Asia fell to stimulus worries, as investors globally fear that other central banks may follow the Bank of Japan's inaction.
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