Word of the Day
amiable amiable
/ˈeɪ mi ə bəl /


  • unwise unwise  /ən ˈwaɪz/ ?  showing or resulting from lack of judgment or wisdom

    unwise meaning(s) 

    1. (adj) showing or resulting from lack of judgment or wisdom
    2. (adj) not appropriate to the purpose

    unwise usage(s)

    1. The risks of inaction or unwise action are rising, even as many of the professionals on whom we would like to rely for guidance are proving untrustworthy and even corrupt.
    2. A negotiated solution still can and must be found if we intend to strengthen the non-proliferation regime and avoid an unwise and unnecessary conflict.
  • unwisely unwisely  /ən ˈwaɪz li/ ?  without good sense or judgment
  • unwiseness unwiseness  the trait of acting stupidly or rashly
  • unwished unwished  not welcome
  • unwished-for unwished-for  not welcome
  • unwitting unwitting  /ən ˈwɪ tɪŋ/ ?  not done with purpose or intent
  • unwittingly unwittingly  /ən ˈwɪ tɪŋ li/ ?  without knowledge or intention
  • unwomanly unwomanly  /ən ˈwʊ mən lɪ/ ?  not womanly
  • unwonted unwonted  /ən ˈwəʊn tɪd/ ?  out of the ordinary
  • unwontedly unwontedly  in an unusual manner
  • unwooded unwooded  not wooded
  • unworkable unworkable  /ən ˈwɜr kə bəl/ ?  not capable of being carried out or put into practice
  • unworkmanlike unworkmanlike  /ˈən ˈwɜrk mən laɪk/ ?  not characteristic of or suitable for a good workman
  • unworldly unworldly  not concerned with the temporal world or swayed by mundane considerations
  • unworried unworried  /ən ˈwɜ rid/ ?  free of trouble and worry and care
  • unworthily unworthily  in an unworthy manner
  • unworthiness unworthiness  the quality or state of lacking merit or value
  • unworthy unworthy  /ən ˈwɜr ði/ ?  lacking in value or merit
  • unwound unwound  /ən ˈwaʊnd/ ?  reverse the winding or twisting of
  • unwounded unwounded  /ˈən ˈwun dɪd/ ?  not wounded
  • unwoven unwoven  not woven
  • unwrap unwrap  /ən ˈræp/ ?  remove the outer cover or wrapping of
  • unwrapped unwrapped  /ən ˈræpt/ ?  remove the outer cover or wrapping of
  • unwrapping unwrapping  /ən ˈræ pɪŋ/ ?  remove the outer cover or wrapping of
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