Word of the Day
infatuated infatuated
/ɪn ˈfæ tʃu ˌeɪ tɪd /


  • outraged outraged  /ˈaʊ ˌtreɪdʒd/ ?  angered at something unjust or wrong

    outraged meaning(s) 

    • (adj) angered at something unjust or wrong


    outraged usage(s)

    1. In April, Hollywood actor Richard Gere outraged India's prudes by kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness rally.
    2. In 1997 she outraged observers with a collection that questioned the very shape of women's bodies.
  • outrageous outrageous  /aʊ ˈtreɪ dʒəs/ ?  grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror
  • outrageously outrageously  /ˌaʊ ˈtreɪ dʒəs li/ ?  in a very offensive manner
  • outrageousness outrageousness  /aʊ ˈtreɪ dʒəs nəs/ ?  excessive excess
  • outran outran  /aʊ ˈtræn/ ?  run faster than
  • outrange outrange  /aʊt ˈrɛɪndʒ/ ?  have a greater range than (another gun)
  • outrank outrank  take precedence or surpass others in rank
  • outre outre  /ˈu trɛɪ/ ?  conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
  • outreach outreach  /ˈaʊ ˌtritʃ/ ?  the act of reaching out
  • outridden outridden  /aʊt ˈrɪ dn/ ?  hang on during a trial of endurance
  • outride outride  /aʊt ˈraɪd/ ?  hang on during a trial of endurance
  • outrider outrider  /ˈaʊ ˌtraɪ dər/ ?  an escort who rides ahead (as a member of the vanguard)
  • outrigged outrigged  rigged with a structure projecting from or over the side of a boat for various…
  • outrigger outrigger  /ˈaʊ ˌtrɪ ɡər/ ?  a stabilizer for a canoe; spars attach to a shaped log or float…
  • outrigger canoe outrigger canoe  a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent…
  • outright outright  /ˈaʊ ˈtraɪt/ ?  without reservation or exception
  • outrival outrival  /aʊt ˈraɪ vəl/ ?  be more of a rival than
  • outroar outroar  roar louder than
  • outrode outrode  /aʊt ˈrəʊd/ ?  hang on during a trial of endurance
  • outrun outrun  /aʊ ˈtrən/ ?  run faster than
  • outrunning outrunning  /aʊ ˈtrə nɪŋ/ ?  run faster than
  • outsail outsail  sail faster or better than
  • outscore outscore  /aʊt ˈskɔr/ ?  score more points than one's opponents
  • outsell outsell  /aʊt ˈsɛl/ ?  be sold more often than other, similar products
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