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If you wear your heart on your sleeve I suppose you might be said to have “pinned up” emotions; but the phrase you want when you are suppressing your feelings is “pent-up emotions.” Similarly, it’s pent-up demand.” “Pent” is a rare word; but don’t replace it with “penned” in such phrases either.

pinned up in News

  • 2 rescued from White River Wednesday afternoon, officials say

    Two people were rescued from the White River Wednesday afternoon, according to a release. Walworth County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call regarding a trapped kayaker in the White River between the bridges off Sheridan Springs Road in the Town of Lyons, according to the release. Officials said they found two people pinned up against a large log about a half mile from Sheridan Springs and ...
    on June 28, 2013 Source: WISC-TV Madison

pent up in News

  • Downtown cleanup Thursday evening; volunteers needed

    Energy pent up from recent city presentations concerning minimum maintenance standards and historic preservation in downtown Aberdeen is resulting in a volunteer cleanup effort Thursday evening. Volunteers are invited to weed and clean up as much of Wishkah Street as possible after gathering at Zelasko Park at 6 p.m. next Thursday. It was suggested that workers, who will be asked to sign a ...
    on June 10, 2013 Source: The Daily World

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