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“Moot” is a very old word related to “meeting,” specifically a meeting where serious matters are discussed. Oddly enough, a moot point can be a point worth discussing at a meeting (or in court)—an unresolved question—or it can be the opposite: a point already settled and not worth discussing further. At any rate, “mute point” is simply wrong, as is the less common “mood point.”

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  1. Janet Jackson to Her Older Brothers: Get A Frikkin’ Job, You Lazy Bums! (Report)

    Whether or not Janet Jackson is technically a billionaire is moot point. Regardless of whether or not she’s swimming in an ocean of money or a really, really big sea, point is the pop icon is loaded. More »
    on June 12, 2013 Source: Gossip on This!

  2. Report: Gabe Carimi will show for minicamp next week

    Bears offensive lineman Gabe Carimi is apparently choosing open arms over opening his wallet. According to Jeff Dickerson of, Carimi will be at the team’s mandatory minicamp next week. If he didn’t show, he’d be subject to fines, but that might be a moot point. His roster spot wasn’t secure anyway, even though he…
    on June 8, 2013 Source: NBC Sports: ProFootballTalk

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